Sintered filter

Sintered filter

Giken Parts Co., Ltd. manufactures sintered filters with various shapes and filtration precision according to customer’s drawing.


Benefits of sintered filters

① Remove impurities smaller than wire mesh filter.

Unlike the wire mesh filter, because it can take thickness, as the thickness increases, the bent portion increases and much smaller impurities can be removed.

② It has high mechanical strength and withstands mechanical and thermal shocks.

It has higher mechanical strength than glass and ceramic filters and withstands mechanical and thermal shocks.

③ Long-term use possible.

Like a paper or cloth filter, it does not worry about burning with heat or breakage due to pressure and it will withstand long-term use.

④ Simultaneous sintering of syngeneous metal fittings is possible

Excluding the filtration part, you can perform cutting, soldering, brazing, plating, simultaneous sintering of metal powders and similar metal fittings.

⑤ Can be used permanently

When clogging with impurities etc. lowers filtration performance, it can be used semipermanently by using reverse flow cleaning with solvent and acid and ultrasonic cleaning.
(After washing, remove moisture with compressed air and dry.)

Uses of sintered filters

● Filtering … Block foreign matter.


■ Major active places

Dust removal such as air, gas, pressure regulator

Removal of contamination of hydraulic pump

● Prevent flashback · · · Block fire and allow flammable gas to pass.


■ Major active places

Prevent flashback of fuser

Frame Arrestor

● Bubbling (foaming) · · Stir the air in the liquid.


■ Major active places

Buckwheat for aquarium

Humidification of medical oxygen

● Heat dissipation … releases heat (water also passes through the filter in water-cooled type).


■ Major active places

Business computer

heat sink/span>

● Separation, analysis · · · Supports separation and analysis of components in liquids and gases.


■ Major active places

Liquid chromatograph

Medical field

● Detection tube, cover for measuring instrument · Protect sensor from external heat and shock.


■ Major active places

Various detector tube cover

Various sensor cove

● Holding liquid, releasing … Holding liquid by capillary phenomenon.


■ Major active places

Capillary phenomenon

Water content

● Liquid Spray


■ Major active places

Fuel and paint spray

Nanoparticle generation

● Vent · · · Gas escapes from manufacturing processes such as castings and sweets, to prevent nests.


■ Major active places

Casting equipment

Food manufacturing equipment

● Others · · · Please apply new porous metals to jointly develop!


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