Sintered metal

Sintered metal

Giken Parts Co., Ltd. will cooperate with VA · VE from existing products by cutting, etc. as well as newly designed and sintered metal parts · transferred old molds.



Benefits of sintered metal

① Material powder is molded so that cutting waste does not occur and merit of economically sintered metal

② Can supply large quantities of stable parts with small variations in dimensions

③ Allow oil to be made utilizing the pores, and make parts that can be used without lubrication

④It is possible to integrally mold ASS’Y parts consisting of two parts
Moreover, it can be integrated even by using copper infiltration technique

⑤ Post treatment (carburizing quenching, anti-rust treatment) can also be done
Electrolytic plating is also free if sealing treatment is performed



Sintered material and Sintered blank

Application: As a blank material for durability / evaluation before mass production.
As a work for evaluating cutting bytes for sintering.

Material diameter Thickness Material Post processing
38mm ~38mm SMF 1 species

SMF 4 species

SMF 5 species

Quick drying oil


Steam treatment

40mm ~40mm
43mm ~43mm
60mm ~60mm
80mm ~60mm
100mm ~60mm
105mm ~60mm
110mm ~60mm

※ Secondary processing is also available.

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